At Platinum, we love dairy. At Platinum, we do our best to produce the very best dairy products. At Platinum, we do our best to ensure that we deliver the goodness of highest quality, best tasting dairy food to you and your family.

Welcome to PLATINUM

At Platinum, we believe milk as a key to maintaining our health. Our milk products focus on 100% Australian milk. We source Australian dairy farms and produce our milk with high quality standards.

Our UHT full cream milk has the goodness and full taste of fresh milk. Our Full Cream Milk is a Natural source of calcium - One glass contains 38% of your daily calcium needs & 17% of your daily protein requirements. No added preservatives.

Adding milk to your daily diet can help you to achieve a well-balanced diet. Milk is an ideal source of nutrients such as vitamin A, B12, D calcium, carbohydrates, phosphorous, selenium, magnesium, protein, zinc and riboflavin.

Milk isn’t just nutritious and tasty to drink, it’s a versatile ingredient too. However you enjoy it, it’s the perfect way to get the nutrients and wholesome goodness of dairy.

Milk is an extremely beneficial drink for the health of the human body. Some of the advantages of drinking this life-giving nectar are as follows:

Calcium: Milk is the best source of calcium that we can supply to our body. Calcium protects the body from major chronic ailments such as cancer, bone loss, arthritic conditions, migraine headaches, pre-menstrual syndrome, and obesity in children. It also functions as a healthy aid in losing unwanted fats and reducing weight. Calcium is an essential mineral in the creation of bone matter, and bone mineral density measurements rely highly on calcium as the main support structure of our body. Milk is the quickest, least expensive, and most readily available source of calcium on the market.

Heart Health: Although most of the focus of calcium is on bones, it has also been shown to reduce cardiovascular disease and the chances of strokes. Two long-term studies in Japan have positively shown a correlation between daily calcium intake and a reduction in stroke, atherosclerosis, and cardiovascular disease. Therefore, grab some milk for a healthier heart! Furthermore, the magnesium and potassium content in milk both act as vasodilators, which reduces blood pressure, increases blood flow to vital organs, and reduces the stress on the heart and cardiovascular system. The peptides found in milk are also believed to inhibit the creation of ACEs, (angiotensin-converting enzymes), which increase blood pressure.

Healthy Bones: As mentioned above, milk is rich in calcium, which is essential for growth and the proper development of strong bone structure. Bone disorders such as osteoporosis can be prevented with a significant daily intake of milk. Children deprived of cow’s milk have an increased chance of suffering from bone fractures when injured, and their healing time will be significantly higher if they don’t have a steady stream of calcium to aid in the regrowth of bone matter.

Healthy Teeth: Encouraging children and youngsters to drink milk will give them excellent dental health, as milk protects the enamel surface against acidic substances. Drinking milk for energy and health would also lessen the frequency of children consuming soft drinks, thus reducing the risk of decaying teeth and weak gums.

Rehydration: Fluids are an integral part of the human body, and the body needs to be frequently replenished with liquids as they are used up within the body.